Callaway Hybrid Golf Clubs Provide Unique Benefits For Amateur Golfers

Today I am continuing the series of articles on hybrid clubs. This installment covers the Callaway hybrid golf clubs that are available to the public. But first, a quick review. I mentioned in an earlier article, that back in the dark ages around the 1970’s, most golfers carried what were affectionately known as “long irons”. These where irons in the #2 to #5 range, These were designed with the idea to help the golfer hit the long ball.

That was a nice idea, but in reality they served mostly to frustrate golfers who Vclubshop tried to master these diabolical clubs. The long irons have been seen as a curse for amateur golfers who cannot produce complete shoulder turns during their backswing in order to get efficient swing velocity. These golfers found that when they compensated for this by swinging too hard, the long irons proved to be as unforgiving as a Washington lawyer.

Callaway hybrid golf clubs are available in three product lines: FT-Hybrids, X-Hybrids and Big Bertha. Like most hybrids Callaway hybrid clubs are not only more forgiving of miss-hits, but deliver more distance and loft for a given swing speed compared to an iron. Also, you get the additional distance without the loss of accuracy you often suffer when trying to use a fairway wood.

The FT-Hybrids

The FT-Hybrids are part of the Fusion Technology product line. Callaway fuses together different Vclubshop club head materials in the FT line to allow beneficial changes in the distribution of weight by moving it to the perimeter of the club head. Not only does this lower center of gravity but places it further back, or deeper. This allows the club to be more forgiving of off-center hits and provides better loft for the ball in flight.

Another attractive feature of Vclubshop FT-Hybrids is the availability of models with a hook bias. This is a very nice option if you slice the ball all of the time. This line of Callaway hybrid golf clubs also include the VFT and S2H2 technologies. VFT stands for Variable Face Technology. It creates a club face that is thicker in the center and enables more shot distance. S2H2 is clever shorthand for “Short, Straight, Hollow Hosel”, and it removes much of the weight in the hosel, moving it to the club head periphery. At $199 with a graphite shaft, FT-Hybrids are the most expensive of the Callaway hyrbrids. They sell for $179 with a steel shaft.

The X-Hybrids

The X-Hybrid clubs are slightly more affordable than the FT line, selling for $139 with steel shafts and $159 for graphite. X-Hybrids also incorporate both the VFT and S2H2 technologies found in the FT clubs. Additionally these hybrids have a unique sole designed to perform better in the rough by more easily cutting through long grass. The weight in the club head is distributed to the perimeter and they have a low and deep center of gravity. The X-Hybrid clubs are available in 2H to 5H, however the 5H is not available for left handed golfers. They come with both graphite and standard steel shafts.

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