Ceramic Tile Saw Blades

Saw blades are used together with saws to cut different kinds of materials. Among the most common types of saw blades are diamond saw blades, jig saw blades and tile saw blades. Each type of saw blade is made of specific materials that make them fit to cut certain products.

Ceramic tile saw blades, unlike other types, are made of carbide-tipped blades. They are more expensive than normal blades that are made of steel and high-speed steel. These ceramic jewelry tray normal blades are used to cut woods.

However, there is one particular type of saw that can be used to cut both wood and ceramic tiles called circular saws. It can also cut masonry and steel. Such saws are categorized by the diameter of their blades.

There are two available designs of circular saws. In-line saws are the normal circular saws. Its motor housing lies perpendicular to the blade. Meanwhile, worm drive saws have their motor housing positioned parallel with the saw blade.

In terms of power sources, there are also two kinds of circular saws. The cordless saw is applicable when working in areas where a power source is hardly accessible. Note, however, that when used to cut ceramic tiles, cordless circular saws use up battery power quickly. On the other hand, corded circular saws are more advisable when cutting ceramic tiles. Their usage tends to cost less, since they do not require much battery power.

When buying ceramic tile saw blades, it should be remembered that a major factor to look for is blade capacity. Blade capacity refers to the maximum depth a blade can cut through. If the blade is larger, it can cut deeper. Such blades are suitable for large ceramic tiles used for floor areas. However, if the saw blade will be used to cut only small ceramic tiles, it would be better to settle for smaller blades. Such blades are lighter and are easier to control.


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