Features of BlackBerry and Samsung Galaxy S

The main reason that the BlackBerry mobiles have gained fame is that these are not only mobiles but also PDA. These devices can send and receive emails quickly and offer multiple messaging features of which text prediction and auto correct are few. The credit for the introduction of the QWERTY keypad goes to BlackBerry that was the first in the race of producing mobiles with QWERTY keypad. The users of the BlackBerry mobiles do not want to separate themselves from this brand because BlackBerry is always enhancing their devices to meet the changing demands of the consumers. BlackBerry Torch is the new BlackBerry device introduced to the mobile users. 55au7700

It is a wonderful device with the QWERTY keypad and slide out function that is always expected in a mobile with the QWERTY keypad. A touch screen is also offered in this handset. The users of this mobile can use the touch screen facility to work on a virtual keypad if needed. Touch screen feature has made the functions of this mobile easier to gain access and operate. The size of the touch screen display is 3.2 inches and its resolution is 360×480 pixels. These features make this handset a true member of the BlackBerry family. 3G, EDGE and GPRS is available for the purpose of data connectivity. A camera of 5 megapixels with LED Flash and auto focus also comes in the BlackBerry Torch. Best availability of facilities at lower BlackBerry Torch Price can be seen in this mobile. Lower BlackBerry Torch Price have also been successful in attracting many mobile users.

Samsung Galaxy S is the newest addition in the Samsung family. This model was introduced in Las Vegas, Nevada. J.K. Shin, the president of Samsung has branded the Samsung Galaxy S as a new class of Smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S has many features more than the earlier Samsung mobile phones and because of these features Samsung Galaxy S is able to attract more users. The touch screen in Samsung Galaxy S is 4 inches super AMOLED. This touch screen does not place the sensors on another panel but it places the sensors directly at the screen so as result the thickness of the phone reduces. This is the reason for the slim and sleek look of this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S is a slim phone with no space. This phone also has better screen quality and improved touch sensitivity. This phone is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use because the screen of this phone is 80% less reflective. The screen of Samsung Galaxy S provides a sharp viewing experience for the videos, photos and e-books. Samsung has partnered with the Paramount Pictures. This partnership is done to provide the full length movies to the users of Samsung Galaxy S. Samsung has also partnered with the Skiff e-book reader to provide e-books to the users of Samsung Galaxy S.

The dimension of Samsung Galaxy S is 122.4×64.2×9.9 mm. The thickness of this mobile is only 9.9 mm and a phone with so less thickness is made possible because of the Super AMOLED touch screen. Not only the thickness but weight of this phone is also very less as it weighs only weighs 118 grams. Samsung Galaxy S is easier to carry because of light weight and reduced thickness. When you put it in your pocket, it will not give you a feel that it is in your pocket. Casing of this phone comes in gray and black making it to look excellent and it also appears sleek.


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