How to Use Blog Posts to Drive Traffic to Your Articles

In this article, I wish to share with you some tips on how to write amazing blog posts that you can use to drive traffic to those articles that you’ve published online. Here’s what you need to do:


    1. Start by choosing the best subjects that you’re going to discuss on your blog posts. Ensure that they’re related to the topics of those articles that you wish to link to. The best topics are always those that are extremely interesting and hot. You would want to talk about recent issues related to your niche and those topics that your prospects would consider worthy of their time.


    1. Next step is to figure out how you can set your blog posts apart from the rest. You need to ensure that they’ll stand out from the crowd so you’ll get more attention in the online arena. Avoid giving out the same information that’s already out there instead, be willing to share unique and fresh info each time you tap on your keyboard. Amazing Posting


    1. Use attention-grabbing titles. Obviously, you would want your blog posts to be opened and read by your potential clients. One way to ensure that this will happen is by using killer titles. Make your headlines inviting. Make them extremely descriptive and benefit-driven. Whenever possible, make them intriguing or try to push your prospects’ emotional hot buttons. Works for me all the time!


    1. Show off your expertise. The only way to get people to click on the links included in your blog posts is to prove to them that you’re really an expert in your niche. So, make each of your posts speak volumes about your in-depth knowledge. Offer unique, exciting information each and every time. Whenever possible, share insider tips and trade secrets that only authorities like you would know.


    1. Optimize your blog posts. Make each of your posts search engine-friendly so your potential clients will easily find them online. As the algorithms of various search engines change every so often, know what SEO techniques work for the time being. Using keywords, following keyword density, and placing your keywords on prime spots would usually do the trick for you.


    1. Use images and illustrations. Some people will visit your blog and leave without even reading one of your blog posts. This happens but you can prevent it from happening very often if you make your posts inviting and extremely interesting. What I suggest is that you break your texts using relevant images, graphs, and illustrations.


  1. Drive your traffic to your articles. For each blog post that you write, insert link (preferably anchor text) that will take your readers to those articles that you’ve published online. These could be on your website, on the same blog, or on your Squidoo pages. Ensure that the topics of your posts are closely related to the topics of the articles that you’re promoting so you can easily recommend them for further reading. This can actually help you offer your readers with more value.


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