Samsung Un55b8000 55 Inch LED HDTV

This television is the ultimate in the HDTV line. It is widescreen and the picture dauntless delete account is just beautiful. The LED screen provides lower energy use so you reduce your carbon foot print. You will enjoy the beauty that is presented in HD on the screen while saving money and energy. This unit uses only sixty percent of the power than other LCD televisions.

Many flat screen televisions have a problem keeping the great image quality when there are fast moving screens. The screen tends to blur during high action moments. The Samsung UN55B8000 LED HDTV has Samsung’s Auto Motion Plus frame technology to stop any picture disturbances. You will not have any trouble with the screen as you watch the great chase scenes in your favorite movie.

The LED light source in this television will allow you to see very dynamic contrasts in the colors that are displayed. While some televisions have problems with shadows or black areas having a snow like look, this television will show the deepest shadows and black areas in full black. There will be no snow or fuzziness so the picture will be absolutely clear. The blacks will be very dark and the whites will be bright and clear.

Another great asset in this television is the connectivity. The 8000 series has push button connections with either wired or a wireless Ethernet connection. It will allow you to view content from Yahoo!, You Tube, Flickr and more on the large screen and in beautiful color. Your internet experience will be a great one when you use the connections that are available on this television.

Samsung has created a way for this television to look extra stylish. Samsungs TOC (or touch of color) will apply a small touch of translucent color to the edges of the television for a very fashionable picture. The images on your television will look very life like. It will be as if you are sitting on the set watching the movie take place first hand.

The designers for this television thought of everything. It is designed to be very slim, only 1.2 inches deep! The many abilities of this television were thought about in the design as well. It has high resolution in the pixel density and an image scaler built in to the television. This will allow you to use your television with many different digital or analog video and audio sources.

For the gamer, this television can provide the ultimate in the gaming experience. The picture will be very sharp and clear and the sounds will be amazing. You will not want to play your video game on any other television after you have had this experience. You can set the television to gaming mode and it will automatically set up for optimal sound and picture quality for gaming.

If you cannot decide on a program to watch, take advantage of the picture in picture setting. You can surf the net in one window and keep an eye on your favorite program in the other. Or play your favorite game system while watching the news for a weather update. There are many different options available with this option.

The Samsung UN55B 8000 55 inch LED HDTV is the perfect television for all of your needs. No matter if you use your television for games, internet or simply unwinding and watching a movie, you will be very impressed with the high quality and the options.


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