Selling Strategies For Web 2.0 Every Salesperson Should Adopt

Even after four years, if you ask most people what Web 2.0 is, you will get a lot of puzzled looks and more questions than you get answers? It was 2004 when the phrase Web 2.0 was first coined and now there are many explanations. My simple explanation is that Web 2.0 occurred when the Internet changed from one way communications เว็บตรง into two way communications. Does this sound simple? If it does, this is all you need to know.

Before Web 2.0, a website was a static location on the internet where people would go to find information. The websites were there solely to deliver information. Customers had no voice and couldn’t communicate back to the companies’ website.

What Changed With Web 2.0

The Internet was one directional and not multi-faceted or a threat to salespeople until it began to communicate in both directions. If you want to sell and market using Web 2.0, you must understand that the primary goal and strong reasons for salespeople are to reach and communicate with customers and prospects. Once the Internet crossed the line and began communications in both directions, it became a virtual force that is competitive with salespeople.

From this new development, social networking began to flourish with blogs as a way for companies to communicate with clients and share information in both directions. Websites began to add the comments sections and discussion sites so customers could satisfy the demand for two way communications.

How to adjust Your Selling Strategies

The important sales strategy to consider is that if you want to sell, you must communicate with your customers. Now that the Internet allows you to communicate in both directions, companies and salespeople must adapt to this with social networking and establish a strong presence on the internet. If you don’t, you won’t be heard. It is this simple.

Businesses and salespeople must embrace Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites because they offer an opportunity for communicating information in both directions. You can make real connections with people, share your story and listen in. Yes, this is similar to a sales call. People will always buy from people and you can become a real person on the internet. The difference is that you can also have a world wide impact. I hope you understand why it is important for businesses and salespeople to embrace social networking and Web 2.0 strategies.

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